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Upon rapid development of stem cell research, regenerative therapies may repair damaged cells and tissues such as broken bones, bad burns, blindness, deafness, heart damage, nerve damage, Parkinson's disease and other conditions. However, to bring advances in stem cell research, multidisciplinary research becomes essential. As regenerative medicine relies on rapidly developing science and technology while the knowledge and technology of various areas are used together, even wider understanding of relevant areas including biotechnology, nanotechnology, and medical technology is necessary. Therefore, convergence of these technologies through collaborative research among related areas is important.
Nanotechnology and Stem Cells
Nanotechnology and stem cells are two of the most promising research areas. The application of nanotechnology in stem cell research will dramatically advance our ability to understand the characteristics of stem cells and develop novel stem cell technologies. This will eventually lead to therapies using stem cells for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases. Current nanotechnology research on stem cells includes stem cell microenvironment, transfection, isolation, and engineering. For instance, biologically active materials provide structure for culturing cells and delivery materials effectively introduce genes and proteins into stem cells. Intelligent nanomaterials responding under specific conditions can be used for regeneration of cells and tissues including bones, muscles, and blood vessels. Biomimetic nanomaterials can also be produced to mimic the structure of organism at molecular level. Up to date, convergence of nanotechnology and stem cells remain at the developmental stage. However, interest and importance are drastically increasing.
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